What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process, which is comparable to a training held by a personal trainer, however, the Coach (the personal trainer) does not work with the Client’s physical attributes, but rather with an area or areas of the Client’s own private life.
The Life Coach helps her Clients to find their own answers and path. The coach asks questions and employs different personality-enhancing tools in order to help the Clients see and identify their resources and to make the (first) steps toward the achievement of their goals. Therefore, the Clients awareness increases, they will feel their role and responsibility in shaping their own lives and they can perform their tasks with an open and conscious mind.

Who will use the services of Life Coaching?

Those persons, who want to

maintain and improve their intellectual-mental being,

achieve something,

– make a change in their life

and who need or may need help/support to achieve these goals. Life Coaching makes it possible (for the Clients) to improve themselves in a trustful and protected environment. They will have the chance to face themselves and with a clearer self-image, they will be able to control their own life by making clear decisions and taking action.

How does a Coaching session go and what is the Coaching process?

The session is a directed, one-on-one, playful conversation. A goal will always be set out during the process, and this goal focuses on a subject, which is of interest to the Clients. The Coach asks questions, uses playful tools (like NLP/Neuro-linguistic programming, TA/Transactional Analysis and systemic constellations with puppets, etc.) or the Clients fill out a test. The sessions are revitalizing and inspirational. A little homework is usually given at the end of the session and this will help Client development and/or achieving the goal.

The coaching process comprises multiple sessions. Rarely, it is just a couple of talks (for example: preparing for a life situation like holding a public speech, etc.), but usually it is a supporting process consisting of multiple sessions.

How does it differ from counselling and training?

Counselling and training always employ an external method. They will tell you the solution. Their success depends on how good their answer is and to what effect the Clients can apply this answer to their own situation, while making it their own. It always provides from the outside.

How does it differ from psychology?

The most basic difference lies in psychology’s focus on the past, since it always tries resolve past problems and lift past barriers during a long therapy, which can take even years. However, the Coach tries to understand the present and the future. The depth of the work depends on the situation, but she does not go as deep as psychology, rather, it is goal- and solution-focused all along. Maybe this is the reason why a growing number of psychologists/therapists employ the methods of coaching during their work.

This makes Coaching complementary to both psychology as well as training and counselling.

How should I begin a Life Coaching process?

We can have an appointment via phone or email.