What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a development process, which is realized in a field related to a job, a managing role or an entrepreneurial business. The Coach, as its English name suggests, supports and goes along with the Clients as a personal trainer to help them achieve their goals.

This is quite a cost-effective process, since the Clients will be able to clarify their purpose, to face the reason of what stalls them, to identify their resources and thus to consciously plan their steps thanks to the one-on-one development work. This can be achieved via 7-12 consultations depending on the goal.

As a Coach, I ask conscious questions and use personality-enhancing tools (like: NLP/Neuro-linguistic programming, TA/Transactional Analysis, Systemic Constellation with puppets, Belbin, etc.), I employ tests and I actively implement my trainer experience of more than 1000 hours (personality development, sales, communication and other fields).

Who will use the Business Coaching service?

Potential customers of the business coaching service are those businesses, which want to achieve a long-term positive development for their managers or key workers in a given field in the short-term. These special fields are mainly the following:

– Leadership competencies

– Communication (e.g. client or manager communication)

– Starting new projects

– Catalyzing certain processes and projects

– Conflict management: manager-employee, etc.

– Time management

– Increasing (the efficiency of) sales, improving a skill

– Delegation

– Empowerment

– Increasing self-esteem and self-assessment

– Opening new markets, acquiring new clients

– Increasing efficiency

How does a Coaching session go and what is the Coaching process?

The session is a directed, one-on-one, playful conversation. A goal will always be set out during the process, and this goal focuses on a subject, which is of interest to the Clients. The Coach asks questions, uses playful tools (like NLP/Neuro-linguistic programming, TA/Transactional Analysis and systemic constellations with puppets, etc.) or the Clients fill out a test. The sessions are revitalizing and inspirational. A little homework is usually given at the end of the session and this will help in Client development and/or achieving the goal.

The coaching process comprises multiple sessions. Rarely, it is just a couple of talks (for example: preparing for a life situation like holding a public speech, etc.), but usually it is a supporting process consisting of multiple sessions.

Therefore, they can improve themselves in a trustful and protected environment. They will have the chance to face themselves and with a clearer self-image, they will be able to make clear decisions and take action accordingly all for the sake of achieving the set goal.

How does it differ from counselling and training?

Counselling and training always employ an external method. They will tell you the solution. Their success depends on how good their answer is and to what effect the Clients can apply this answer to their own situation, while making it their own. It always provides from the outside.

However, the coaching process focuses on internal development, thus the problem is solved from the inside, which in turn improves the personality and thus it is more lasting.

This makes Coaching complementary to both psychology as well as training and counselling.

How should I begin a Coaching process?

We can have a preliminary consultation and a survey, if you contact me via phone or e-mail. Please feel free to contact me. You can find my contact information below.