Our customs administration services at the Mohács border crossing point are the following:
We provide custom assistance services to our customers in the territory of Hungary, covering crossing points at the Ukrainian, Serbian and Croatian borders on the periphery of the European Union, or at major industrial and commercial areas inside the country.We provide custom assistance services in the capacity of a direct or indirect customs representative as defined in the Community Customs Code.

The form of these two legally separate services are adjusted to the customers’ needs and to the specialties of the given customs procedures.

What we offer to you and your business:

– Complete export/import customs services in river shipping
– Customs clearance in export, import and in standard and simplified procedures (authorized consignor/consignee)
– Preparation and submission of custom declaration forms for customs formalities
– AES-application in normal and simplified export procedures (AES = Automated Export System)
– AIS-application in import procedures (AIS = Automated Import System)
– NCTS notifications T1/T2 and TIR departure and arrival
– Preparation of T2L forms
– Preparation of T5 forms, also in the capacity of an authorized consignor

We provide the following land transport services in collaboration with Royal Sped Zrt in addition to the aforementioned services:

– Domestic guarantee for the payment of custom debts, temporary storage, customs warehousing and temporary admission
– International guarantee in Community transit procedures and in transit procedures under the Transit Convention, including the issue of Form TC31 Certificates of Guarantee and Form TC32 Individual Guarantee Vouchers
– Public warehouse and VAT warehousing services
– Consultancy, expert services and representation in custom procedures
– Declarations of environmental product charges and consultancy
– Account management and consultation
– Post-clearance procedures
– Participating in post-clearance inspections
– Intrastat data disclosures
– VPID/EORI applications
– Applications for custom authorizations and custom procedures with economic impact
– Selling motorway e-vignettes at border crossing points
– RO-LA railway ticket sales
– Duty stamps for vehicle taxes
– Participating in the collection of official charges (animal- and plant health fees, excess weight charge)

– Route ticket and refilling the OBU unit