“The telegraph is a great device, while the wireless telegraph is even greater, however, the biggest thing is that two persons can even talk to each other with or without a wire.” Freud

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method. Mediation is not a plaster for all sores, however, the decades of international and domestic experiences show, that by adhering to the rules of mediation, such solutions can appear, which can qualify as good compromises and which would not have (necessarily) formed between the parties. Mediation is a positive experience or precedent, which provides an opportunity to move the conflict spiral in a positive direction. The parties will sign a written contract at the end of mediation and experience tells, that they will better adhere to such contracts than court orders.

“Peace is not the lack of conflict, but rather the ability to manage conflict.”


This is an opportunity for the opposing sides to sit with each other and participate in the establishment of a more peaceful future. It reflects on the interrelationships between persons and communities and recognition is the first step for further cooperation.

Can anyone show me a business, where the rivalry between leaders or managers never turned into hostility? Where the leader-employee relation is free of problems and where everyone is treated in accordance with their abilities and performance. Where the smartest gets to the top of the ladder and all the members of the team can work toward the same goal in unison. Has anyone calculated how much these disputes cost the company? How many top manager work hours and neural cells and how much energy got wasted due to such conflicts? Is it not one of the most rewarding investments, if you can prevent or solve these aimless disputes with mediators? Are you sure, that these conflicts can be solved only if one or both sides of the dispute is/are sacked by the boss? What if both parties are important for the company?

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